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How to Build Rain Barrels

I finished two rain barrels this weekend with platforms to put them on. Here are the instructions that I followed: The difference is that I used a jigsaw to cut out the drain hole and used a spade bit instead of a forstner bit for the other holes. Everything else was the same. I made my own plan for the platforms. I like the fact that they are 2 feet high because it means I don't have to bend over to screw on the hose, and it gives a better pressure for watering. Two things: I don't mind watering when I know I don't have to pay for the water. I'm grateful for being free to collect rain water. In Israel, any water that falls belongs to the government. If you collect it, it is still their's.  I cannot believe that a light rain fills up the barrel. We had less than 1/4 inch of rain last week and it overflowed one barrel.