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Book Notes: All That's Good by Hannah Anderson

     Summary This is a book about engaging with God's world with discernment. She uses Philippians 4:8 as the lens to look through. Her writing style is engaging and smooth. Why I read it I wanted an easy-to-read book after finishing a big theology book. I tend to read theology after my Bible reading before my family wakes up. I wanted something serious, but not 500 pages. I also have been trying to read books my wife enjoys and books written by women. This fit all of the requirements. Quotes Discernment helps us see the world for what it was made to be and believe that God is powerful enough to restore it to its intended purpose. 42-43   So too, with eyes of faith, we can look at the world around us and discern enough of its original beauty to know that it is good and worth our engagement. 43 But more than drawing us to themselves, beautiful things draw us beyond themselves to a reality greater than either of us. 128   Key Takeaways As good as the book was, it wasn't very quot

Brief Entry on Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Daniel Silva

This is the entry I wrote for my book list:  896. Portrait of an Unknown Woman , Daniel Silva. 8/13/22 * * * * (In some ways, this is the most fun Silva book in a while. It’s also the most sensual that I can remember--not explicit, just sensual. For that reason, I won’t be keeping it in the house with our kids around. One thing I really liked was that the fate of the world was not at stake. It was an art heist book, and the book was fun with those lower stakes. Silva says that these art heist-type books are where he plans to take the series, and I am glad for that.) *I'm updating my book list and plan to republish it soon.