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Recommendation: Memrise app for Greek and Hebrew Learning for Busy Pastors

As a pastor, I use Greek and Hebrew every week for sermon preparation. I also use it for my own personal devotions. I want to get better so that I can read the Bible better and better in the original languages if the Lord gives me 40 more years of life. Practicing 5 minutes each day (4 days per week) is part of the way that I took my skills from college and seminary and got better. My vocabulary is the best it has ever been, and Memrise is the reason. I've been using the Memrise app for practicing and building my vocabulary in Greek and Hebrew. I've used it for around 5 or 6 years. I got an annual subscription this year for the first time. The free version is worth it, but the subscription is even better. Here is what I love about it:  The app tests your language knowledge from Greek-to-English and English-to-Greek, and the same goes for Hebrew. It tests multiple choice. This is much more than a flashcard app. It will give you an english word and then give you 6 Hebrew words t

A Great Tax and Investment Presentation for Pastors and Churches

Image Above is a link to the best tax and investment presentation I've seen online. If you are a pastor or handle church finances and pay packages, then this is a good 48 minute presentation that gives a good overview. I try to stay up tax and investment info for clergy because it is pretty complex. I've been to good in-person seminars and seen a few online that are okay, but this one is really good.  * photo generated with Canva Magic Media ai photo generator. 

How Pastors Workout: Joe Radosevich

I'm starting a series called "How Pastors Workout." My hope is to feature a range of pastors who describe their workouts. I want it to be reality, not hype like most online fitness content is. I hope it can be an encouragement to pastors to be active so they can love their families and fulfill their ministries. I hope to feature runners, martial artists, climbers, weightlifters, etc. If you are a pastor or ministry leader, leave a comment and let me know you want to be part. My Goals Be able to fulfill my roles as husband, dad, and pastor. This is what fitness is to me: being able to live the life in front of me. That includes strength, strength endurance, cardio, and flexibility. Stay injury-free. No fitness goal is worth anything if my elbow, shoulder, or back hurts and keeps me from training or living. Get my waist to 1/2 my height. This is for long-term heart health. I'm close but not quite there. My Workouts I follow Mark Sisson's suggested weekly schedule: 

Pastor, 3 Questions for Your Social Media Posts

It happens regularly. I meet pastor. As soon as he friends or follows me on social media, I hide his posts. I don't think I'm a snob, but I don't care for bragging, rants, or pretending. I thought I would post some questions I think we should answer before pastors post on social media. Is it hype or reality? Is the post boasting or presenting life better than it really is? You can post a picture of your kids playing in a leaf pile, but is it real or staged? Does this show the real life that you live or the one you want people to think you live? Does it make me stand out or more accessible? Does this bring the people in your church closer to your life or make you stand out as more special? This one is hard because the big name pastors that you follow likely show their travels, conferences, dinners, etc. For the regular pastor, that is not the life of the people in your church and showing off separates you from people.  Is it helpful right now? What you write might be true, b