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Easy Strength for Fat Loss Program Review and Results

Here is my detailed review of what I did and what my results are. When I thought through doing Easy Strength for Fat Loss, I would have liked to see a review like this.  The Easy Strength plan is to do 2 sets of 5 exercises 3-5 days per week for 40 workouts. The secret is that you never goal to failure and do just enough to nudge your strength up gradually. The main adjustments "for Fat Loss" include adding 5 sets of 15 Kettlebell swings and 1 hour of walking or cycling on a fan bike (Airdyne). What I did Warm-up (5 Goblet Squats/5 Push-ups/2:00 on Airdyne for 2 rounds) Kettlebell Press 2x5 Pull-ups or Hangs (I hung for 30 seconds for 2 rounds. Every 4th day, I did 3 sets of 3 pull-ups. Dan John recommended this to help protect your elbow. I didn't want to get Middle-Aged Pull-up Syndrome again--I've had it twice.) Staggered Stance Romanian Deadlift 2x5 with each leg Ab Wheel Rollouts 1 set of 10 Carry 1 set (I did farmer's carry one day, suitcase the next, and wa

Fitness Advice for a Christian

Inspired by Phillips Brooks' advice to "write something besides sermons" but to do it as a pastor, I thought of what I would say about fitness from the perspective of a pastor and Christian who was a former personal trainer. I enjoyed being a personal trainer. Losing 50 lbs. improved my life a lot. I enjoyed helping others move better, feel better, and get healthier. There are a lot of pitfalls in the health and fitness world though. I'm not sure that they are different than in other areas of our world, but they exist. Here is what I would say as a pastor to someone about how to pursue health and fitness as a Christian: Don't be selfish or self-centered. 2 Corinthians 5:15 reminds us that we once lived for ourselves before we met Christ. So if our fitness goals or methods are selfish, we are going back to our old way of living. If your goal is to get other people's attention, then it is selfish. If your method requires you to sacrifice your family to spend exc

Phillips Brooks on Ministry and Writing

 Apart from its incidental advantage, to his style and manner, I think it is good, for a minister to do some work besides clerical work, and to write something besides sermons. But he must do it as a minister. And the proof of how large is his vocation, is that he can do it and yet be a minister in it all. He can write books, and yet not be a literary man but a minister. He can help the government, and yet not be a politician but a minister. There are bad ways, but there are also good ways in which a clergyman can carry his clerical character with him wherever he goes. It may be to your discredit, or to your credit, that strangers say of you, "I should know he was a minister." For the best minister is simply the fullest man.  Phillips Brooks, The Joy of Preaching , 83. This is from the pastor who wrote the Christmas carol "O Little Town of Bethlehem."

Sometimes Just Get Stronger

I hadn't shot my compound bow in at least two months and wondered how I would do this week when I shot with a friend. I thought my bow was broken at first because it was so easy. I remembered that I had done Dan John's Easy Strength program since the last time I had shot. That must be what made the difference. This surprised me because usually in strength training and in sports the principle is specific adaptation. You train the motion and muscles used to get stronger and better at that sport. I hadn't done any rows in the last two months which is the closest motion you can get to the drawing motion of archery. Something about building pure strength made a major difference. This is what I'm thinking about: Sometimes focus on building specific strength. Sometimes just get stronger. There are several parallels that applies to in other areas of life. I can think of how growing as a person, pastor, gardener, writer sometimes involves focusing on specifics and sometimes jus

My Booklist is republished as an Ebook!

I republished my booklist as a downloadable and searchable ebook. You can get it here . You get personal reviews on almost 1000 books that I actually read for $1.65.  Why would you want it? You can find out my thoughts on a book. Since it is searchable, you can find what you are looking for fast. You can search to find a book on a topic that you are interested in.  You like me and think $1.65 is a good price for so many reviews. Why $1.65? Because once the host and the credit card company take their cut, I wanted to get $1. So $1.65 is the price.  I republished it because I had difficulty with Amazon that published the hardcopy. I also realized that the book is more useful digitally because you can search it. All you have to do to search it is press Ctrl+F. 

The World Needs Your Reviews

We are drowning in more information but less knowledge about the things we use, try, and buy. Whether it is Artificial intelligence-written websites, marketing, content farms, or bad writing, we have lots of words about things. That doesn't mean we know what we want or need to know.  We can help each other out to fix this.  Whatever it is that you know best, share that with others. Many people share their products, plans, courses, etc. What the rest of us need is for real people to share an actual look inside. So whatever you actually know and use, share your story and the results that come from it. I tell the stories of seed varieties, kettlebells, coffee brewing methods. I write about the books that I'm reading. Those reviews are so that people can know about these things.   I'm finishing another Dan John workout plan this week. I think about people like myself who would like to know what my results and thoughts are as an actual user. Someone thinking about doing this pla