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What I learned from Dan John's 10,000 Swing Challenge

 I decided to do Dan John's 10,000 challenge in the month of July when I turned 39. I want to share what I did, why I modified it, and what my results are. The challenge The challenge is this: Do 500 Kettlebell swings on a 2 days on/1 day off cycle. That works out to 20 workouts and 10,000 swings.  In each workout, superset one strength exercise with the swings for low rep ladders of 1/2/3. The strength exercises are kettlebell presses, goblet squats, dips, and pull-ups (because I was concerned about my elbow which I've injured a couple of times, I replaced it with ab wheel rollouts. I think Dan John would approve because he has written that they work the same muscles.). I used a 52lbs/24kg kettlebell. That is a lot for me because it is almost 1/3 of my bodyweight. Why I modified it I tested the workout in June, and I realized two things. One, my grip gave out between 200 and 250 swings when I used the 52lbs/24kg kettlebell. Two, I can't get that workout in during my normal