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Book Notes: None Like Him by Jen Wilken

Summary It is a short summary of the non-communicable attributes of God like eternity and self-existence, an explanation of our limits in the face of God’s limitlessness, and applications of that gap between God and us. I appreciate how she applies doctrine and doesn’t just describe it. It is aimed at women, but I think it is a book everyone should read Why I read it I finished reading John Frame's The Doctrine of God and wanted something shorter than 500 pages to read in my mornings. I've been reading systematics, historical theology, and N.T. Wright for the last 4 years. This also came highly recommended by my wife. Quotes Just as my assurance of salvation rests in the fact that God cannot change, my hope of sanctification rests in the fact that I can.  87      The raging of the nations can be navigated only by keeping a fixed point in view: the Lord God , seated on his throne. 91     We eagerly await Unbound 2.0 and 3.0, wondering what new advance will free us even further

Book Notes: Krakatoa by Simon Winchester

   Summary This is about the largest volcano eruption in recorded history. Winchester explores the causes, effects, and results of the explosion from many angles: history, culture, science, technology, religion, etc. Winchester's writing style is stiff and difficult (I've read two books by him this year), but if you are interested in Krakatoa or Indonesia, then it is readable. Why I read it I have heard interesting stories about Krakatoa, so I wanted to learn more. I also love Indonesia after spending two weeks there when I was in seminary. Quotes 13 percent of the earth's surface vibrated audibly, and millions who lived there heard it, and when told what it was were amazed. 264   To the outside world the eruption of 1883 may have spelled death and devastation. To the world of biology and botany, however, the subsequent energetic happenings on islands in the Sunda Strait represent nothing more nor less than a freeze-frame picture of the future of life itself--a demonstratio