August Blog Challenge (August Posting Challenge)

As I get this site up and running, I set a challenge for myself to post every day in August (minus my day off each week).

That is 26 times.

I want this site to be filled out with things to see. And I want to throw some things at the wall and see what sticks. I want to see what I enjoy writing on and what formats I think I can do.

I would like the posts to be long, but I want to get the challenge done, so I might write short posts on occaision. I might pick a topic and write on it a few times. I imagine I'll write on church stuff, cybersecurity, some fitness, etc. Those are all things I am thinking about.

My goal is to get it done, not evaluate if everything fits a brand. This site is about me personally and professionally. So I will write in August on what I'm thinking about personally and professionally.

Thanks for joining me.


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