How to read 3-4 books per month without going crazy

People ask me regularly how I read so much.

Everybody thinks they should read more. I'm no different. I wish I read more.

But here is how I read right now:

  • Reading regularly is better than waiting until I have a few afternoon to read a lot. I try to read 10-30 pages per day in several books. That way I can read through several books per month. I read something theological in the early morning after reading my Bible (7-10 pages). I'm currently reading N.T. Wright. I read something leadership or church related first thing at work (1 chapter). Currently, Small Church Essentials by Karl Vaters. I read 30 pages of something fun each evening before bed. I recently increased that from 20 pages to 30 pages because I found that reading 20 pages per day meant I only read 2 fun books per month. Currently, The Shadow War and The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken.
  • Even if I miss my goal in each category, I try to read a page or two just to keep up some movement in my books.
  • If the book isn't fun, I think seriously about putting the book down. You should enjoy reading or you won't do it. 
Happy reading!


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