What's the danger from using FaceApp to age your face?

Aging your face sounds fun and harmless (just like uploading your face to many other apps is), but the terms of service on FaceApp suggests that there is a 70% chance (or greater) they mean harm.

They want permission to download every photo from your phone and permission to use all those photos for commercial purposes. That is a problem.

These companies can use the info to train their Artificial Intelligence algorithms about faces in general, they can sell your photos to companies building a profile about you, or they can sell them to a government or crime syndicate that is building a database of people around the world.

Won't there be a worldwide database anyway?

More like worldwide databases. There are and will be many different databases. We should be careful the ones that we encourage and help. That is my point.

What's different about posting to Facebook than allowing the FaceApp to have your photos?

The person that owns the database is the difference.Just because I let one company see or even use my photos doesn't mean that I want every company or person to see and use my photos. I was skeptical of the FaceApp project before I found out that a Russian company was behind it. These game/app/surveys that go viral can be easily used by whoever creates them in ways that people don't think about. And I don't want every government or crime group to have them. I don't think that we have to agree to everything as inevitable or that swearing off all photos is the only other option. Just watch what companies you trust and who you are willing to get free stuff from. I think it is common sense.


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