A house-full of music. Loog Guitar Brief Review (August Posting Challenge)

Today, our house was filled with music. My wife and I are leading music for our church tomorrow, so we practiced, one daughter played and practiced piano, one son practiced drums during rest time, and another son played his new Loog guitar all day. It's pretty fun to hear so much music.

This is a brief review of why we got the Loog and what I think.

  • I didn't want to get a cheap kids guitar that wouldn't stay in tune. The Loog is well-made especially the neck and tuning pegs. The neck feels amazing.
  • I didn't want something super complicated that would take a while until he could do anything with it. Learning to form chords to play melodies on a 6-string is hard. Even a melody is hard because he wasn't sure he was hitting the right string. The Loog has only 3 strings and is tuned to GBE like the top 3 strings of a six string guitar. So it is dead simple.
  • He wanted to learn to play guitar, so I didn't want to get him a ukulele. Whatever he learns on this, he can translate to my 6 string when he is old enough.
  • I love that he was able to immediately play chords. He started writing a song with G and C chords before lunch.
  • I love that he asked questions about music theory because the instrument makes sense. 
  • I love that he is excited because he believes he can do it. 
If you have a kid interested in playing guitar, get a Loog! And if you have a kid interested in learning music, I still think the Loog is a great place to start.

*The Pro model is better for ages 6 and up.


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