Ad Idea for Furniture Stores (August Posting Challenge)

We renovated our great room this last year. It's a 25x30 foot room with a large fireplace and 12 foot ceilings. Tonight we ordered the sectional for it.

When we get it, we will probably post a picture or video on social media like we've done as we renovated that room.

Here's a crazy thought that struck me afterward: Why didn't the furniture story offer me a discount or gift card for sharing where I got our sectional? 

This company spends thousands every month to print and distribute and advertise. Why not give customers a $50 or $100 gift card for posting what and where they bought it after they get their furniture? It would be far more effective if my 300+ friends and followers heard and saw from me what it's actually like to do business with them.

That idea could apply to lots of companies. What if Harry's gave a free pack of replacement blades for reviewing their razors on my social media? What if Gurney's gave a credit for free seed packet for a social media post?

Count up the cost. How much are you spending on ads? Could some of that go to convince fans to share with their friends?


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