Apple Reviews: Early Mac and Paula Red (August Posting Challenge)

Yesterday, our local orchard opened for the first time this season. We go every Friday during apple season. We eat them fresh, my wife makes applesauce to preserve, and we enjoy them many ways.

I'm going to review apples as we try them this season. I find that apple varieties can taste differently from season to season. One year, we loved Snowsweet, and then we couldn't stand them last year. So reviews will be fun.

  • Paula Red: Slightly crisp and fresh. There is no distinct flavor, they just taste like basic apple. There is nothing wrong with that. But there is nothing amazing about it either. If you cut them and let them sit, they turn brown quickly and become mealy. This is best for fresh eating.
  • Early Mac: Slightly tart. This one is softer than the Paula Red but has a nice tartness-- on the spectrum with Granny Smith. This pairs so well with caramel. This one is already soft and becomes mealy fast. I expect that they, like all early season apples, will not store well.
*I ordered the book Apples of Uncommon Character this week and look forward to hearing stories and reviews of many more apples than my local orchard grows.


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