Book Review: Range by David Epstein (August Posting Challenge)

When I heard that David Epstein had written a new book, I ordered it immediately. I loved his previous book The Sports Gene and expected good things. Gene actually helped me think better about sports performance, the human body, personal training, and my own health. It is truly one of the most helpful books I've read for health and training, and it isn't a book for personal trainers or health professionals. It's not intended as a practical book at all.

Range is awesome. I cannot believe Epstein has written two books so helpful and practical. And neither one is self-help focused.

His basic idea is that breadth of interest and exposure is better for performance, creativity, and excellence. He debunks the myth that devoted practice from the age of 3 is required for world-class performance. And he dismisses the idea that you are ever too late to begin.

If I ever lead an internship, this will be required reading. If I ever teach a class, I will think hard about requiring or recommending this of every student.

*I almost missed posting tonight. I totally forgot.


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