Favorite Tomatoes (August Posting Challenge)

All the farms around here are 2-3 weeks behind because of cool weather in May and June. Our garden is finally in full swing, and we picked 4 kinds of tomatoes tonight.

We're going to do a video taste-test of all our tomatoes soon. We're growing Cherry tomatoes (Sungold and Jelly Beans), Defiant Slicing Tomatoes, and Easy Sauce Romas.

But the best tomato we've ever grown is the Cherokee Purple. We're not growing it this year, and I regret it. It is the sweetest tomato ever. It's almost dessert. And it is a blackish-purple color. But the plant last year was pretty diseased and the Cherokee Purple tomatoes did not store well. They bruised and burst easily. So when you pick them, you have to eat them soon. 

Next year, we probably will grow more varieties including heirloom varieties like Cherokee Purple.

*I'm thinking a lot about tomatoes because I'm reading Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook. Among other things, he explains why the tomatoes sold in stores are nothing like what you grow at home.


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