My Favorite Products: Bluetooth Earphones (August Posting Challenge)

One of my favorite tech products that I own are my bluetooth earphones.

I never really liked headphones because you had to keep a walkman, discman, ipod, or phone near you. But when I worked for a cell phone retailer several years ago, I bought a bluetooth headset that hung around my neck inside the collar of my button down shirt. The button down shirt was critical because I wanted the earphones to be invisible.

It worked great because I could control the audio without having to look at my phone. I could easily listen to podcasts, listen to audiobooks, or take calls when I am doing something else like driving, mowing, or doing the dishes. And I didn't have to stop whatever I was listening to when I went to a new place. I had one book on in the car and the same one going when I did the dishes.

But I was never thrilled with the headset because it was bulky. It was obvious when I didn't have on an oxford shirt.

Now, I have a pair of in-ear earphones that work together or separately. I'd never heard of this brand (Soundpeats)before, but they work great. I can throw one in my pocket and pull it out when I want it, or I can carry the charging case with me. It is easier to pair and turn on or off than my necklace-style bluetooth.

I like these better than the Apple ear pods because they aren't as obvious (and don't look like q-tips hanging out of my ears).

Using my headphones I was able to listen to a 10 hour audiobook in the last week while doing other tasks. Without them, I can't imagine trying to listen to an audiobook or listening to many podcasts.

Even more than my phone, I love my bluetooth earphones.


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