Wednesday, August 14, 2019

My Best Tip for Using Your Computer Better (August Posting Challenge)

I heard an podcast years ago where someone argued that touch screen is the simplest way to use a device possible. There is no thinking, learning, or skill involved in pointing and touching. They suggested that since we all use tech devices everyday for years, we should learn to use them better.

I recently decided to up my game on the computer and did a good amount of research on how to use computers better. Here is the tip that made the most difference:

Download a Desktop Organization Background. 

One like this:

Then, go into Chrome and change the settings to download to desktop.

Now, you can easily find any files instead of having to hunt. You can put the programs and files you use all the time in some areas and hide any others in the menus.

And at the end of every day, it is easy to select all the files that you don't need anymore and drag them to the recycle bin. You can easily keep everything clean and tidy.

That's my first and best tip.

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