Two Great Tomato Books (August Posting Challenge)

I'm reading two great tomato books right now.

  • The first is called "Tomatoland." It's on how tomatoes have been developed and how they are now grown in Florida for winter tomatoes in the USA. I told Emma just a couple of things about how they are grown, we both swore there has to be something else we can buy in the winter.
  • The second is called "Epic Tomatoes." It's an amazing book on growing tomatoes, specifically open-pollinated and heirloom tomatoes. But he does rave about the taste of Sungold, a kind we grow every year, that is a hybrid. The design of the book is amazing. This publisher has published other gardening books that have great design. Honestly, it's hard to read a gardening book with no pictures and bad design. This book is beautiful. I immediately put it on my wishlist to buy. Lots of great info and tips to go along with the photography and stories. He even talks about developing your own varieties of tomatoes. I probably won't go that far.


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