We're Learning ITALIAN! (August Posting Challenge)

This school year we are learning Italian as a family. We are using a program called Talkbox.mom (that's the website address).

Reasons we are learning Italian this way (Random list)

  • The method the program uses is similar to what we experienced in Thailand and that I experienced in Indonesia. It's also the way we all learned to speak growing up, we learn some and then use it. Then we learn more and use more.
  • Italian sounds interesting and none of us have any experience with it. That levels the playing field. Kids and parents are at the same place.
  • Talkbox.mom has 18 different themed boxes so you learn to use the language around a theme. The first box is about snack time and food, so we can use what we learn several times per day.
  • I'm super impressed with their packaging and ecommerce platform and process. The creator does really great work making the process smooth and giving lots of helpful feedback and info. 
As we make progress, we'll keep you updated.


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