"Do it at the limit of your abilities"

I heard an interview with Homer Steinweiss, one of the world's top drummers, where he told how he drums at the limit of his skill. He feels like he is always just barely holding things together. But he thinks that is what makes it fun. He said that what everyone wants to see is a musician, artist, etc. performing at the limit of their abilities.

I thought of that this week as I reflected on how I feel about pastoring right now.

No one told me that as a pastor and church planter leadership would change when we reached over 50 attenders.

When my family and I moved here to Belgium, our planned church had 17 people (including my family). And as our attendance creeped up over the last year and half, leadership and structure didn't change much.

But this spring, we averaged 60 people, and I felt the growing pains. I couldn't keep up with the tasks anymore. I was swamped. So I asked others to help carry the load. I thought that would fix everything, but it didn't. It felt even harder.

I'm learning that delegating, empowering, and equipping are going to take a whole new set of skills. And I'm realizing that I don't have those naturally. Leading over 50 people stretches me. I'm currently pastoring at the limit of my abilities. Like a good funk drummer.


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