Fix One Thing Every Week

I skimmed the book Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport a while back. I skimmed it because I never got around to reading it before I had to take it back to the library and because it wasn't that groundbreaking for me. Many of the practices he talks about there are already habits for me (practicing hobbies rather than binge-watching movies and shows, playing complex board games, etc.).

One tip was to fix something on your house every week. That tip caused me to think intentionally and systematically about fixing things around the house.

  • In one year, that would mean 52 things fixed. 
  • I feel a little less pressure about fixing things. Just doing one thing feels doable. Sometimes I bite off too much and get overwhelmed renovating a room for months.
  • I pick up momentum from doing one thing. I touched up paint around the house recently and then found several other small projects that I could easily do. A little momentum made a big difference.
A couple of weeks ago, I thought that my one thing would be to put in a new faucet in the larger bathroom. It sounded like a simple job that could be finished before lunch. It took 5 hours and two trips to Home Depot. Most of the time was spent removing the old rusted and corroded faucet. The new one took little more than an hour (including the extra trip to the store). 

Just one thing.


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