Recapping the August Posting Challenge

Why I posted every day in August (except Fridays):

  • I wanted to fill out my blog quickly. I didn't want to link to it and have less than 5 posts. My opinion: if you start a project or company, don't link to an empty website or page. Spend a month working out the details and creating content.
  • I wasn't sure how my blog writing would go and I wanted to see what would stick, what patterns would emerge, and what I would enjoy.

What I learned posting every day in August (except Fridays):

  • Document, don't create. If I sat down and thought about being profound, nothing would come. But if I started with the question, "what am I thinking about right now?" Then I could find something that I'm reading, interested in, working on, etc.
  • Don't be profound. I don't like preachy writers, and I decided that I don't want to write advice or opinion columns. One, it's hard. It's easier to write about learning Italian with my family. Two, influence comes after trust.
  • It's doable. Writing every night for 20-30 minutes after the kids go to bed is possible. It cuts into time on my phone or watching a movie, but that is worth it.
  • I care a lot about books and gardening. I wrote about that a lot.
  • Professional stuff is hard to write about. Writing about pastoring, church planting, or culture takes thought and emotional energy. If this blog is to be about what I'm interested in professionally and personally, then I need to document that too.


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