Apple Review: Rave, Ambrosia, and Sweetango

On vacation in September, we did a taste-test one day of different newer varieties of apple.

It was inspired by the ad at Meijer that promoted their apple harvest. I remember when Meijer did really big and cool apple displays. This looked no bigger than a normal display and without any variety I hadn't tried.

We bought 3 apples anyway and tasted them against each other.

  • Rave was my favorite. It was crunchy and juicy. It tasted like Apple Juice. Nothing spectacular in the taste department, but it was good.
  • Sweetango is a daughter of Honeycrisp. It had a lot of crispness to it, but little flavor or sweetness. The main flavor was tart. I didn't care for the extreme crispness of it without anything besides tartness.
  • Ambrosia was all texture and no flavor. I didn't care for it. Totally bland.
I like my apples sweet, and Rave was the sweetest of the three. I much preferred Sweet Sixteen from the orchard up near Crivitz, WI.


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