Pick a target for using social media

What is social media for? What's your social media for?

One thing that I work on now is having a target for my social media use.

It's too easy to just consume and to put up whatever comes to mind. But social media represents who we are, what we love, and how we want to contribute to the world.

My social media targets:

  • Facebook--photos and quotes documenting my family and life. Representing what we do to friends and family. I try to show what we create and how we have fun without money. Too many Christians (pastors especially) show only extravagant places that cost a lot of money. I think that shows the world that if you become a Christian or a pastor, then you can have a lot of money too. That's wrong and we shouldn't give that idea.
  • Instagram--this is my public profile, so I don't post family photos. I post things from my life that will give a true idea of what I do and what I'm about. I want people who search for me to find this profile and find the things that I work on and create. I have a Instagram Story Highlight that is about what I'm reading.
  • LinkedIn--this is a professional page that I hope represents the things that I work on and the things that I think.face


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