The Best Church Planting Training and Strategy

I've got some history with church planting. I have a failed plant and what seems so far to be a successful plant. I've been through some trainings and read a bunch of books. Let me tell you the best church planting training I've seen:

The Basic Training system taught by the Central Region of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. 

Today, I had a lunch with a prospective planter thinking about planting a church in Wisconsin, and I gave him an overview of it. I cannot say good enough things about it.

The biggest difference it makes is that it gets the focus off of having a larger-than-life church planter as your leader. I've had lunch with so many church planters who told me stuff that was absolutely not transferable. I am not the amazing leader that they are. I cannot drum up support and followers like they can. I'm just a normal guy who loves people and believes that God changes people through his word. 

Basic Training strategy and methods took 2 years of work but allows a normal guy like me to connect the mission of every church with my local context in and with who God made me to be. And it helps me to lead from who we are as a church. Some ideas and people don't want to go the direction we're going. Having clarity helps people identify that or me to identify that.

If you are thinking about planting (or revitalizing) a church, beg your way into a Basic Training.


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