4 Digital Tools for Solo Pastors or Small Staffs that are Completely Free

Here are a few digital tools that I love. They help me as a solo pastor of a small church to do ministry. I'm not always in my office. Even when I am, there are a lot of things to juggle. And cost is always an issue.

  • Chrome Remote Desktop--This allows me to control one computer from another location. This is useful for setting up the service slides and presentations without having to be in the building at the tech desk. This morning, it allowed me to fix the text for the sermon without having to run up to the building to do it. You can give the login info to a volunteer and they can set up the presentation without having to be in the building. This empowers volunteers.
  • Google Cloud Print--This allows you to turn a simple printer into a network printer that you can print from any office or from home. If you have volunteers that need to print something, you can give them access to the printer and what they need can be ready when they get to the building.
  • Planning Center Service Planner--This is super powerful, but it allows for easy service planning, song set-up, and volunteer coordination. I don't care for their paid tiers for everything, but this part is very valuable.
  • Audacity--This allows me to edit and mix our sermon podcast quickly and in high quality (as long as the recording is high quality). And it is totally free!


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