Perfect Workouts or Just Good Workouts?

I passed a kickboxing-style fitness gym while running errands the other day. I've seen them for several years and always wondered about them and what kind of workout they give.

I actually started thinking that it is a gimmick and not a very good workout. I imagined the workout was a gimmick.

When I was a trainer, I knew the perfect workouts. I worked hard on learning the best principles and figuring out the perfect method for each client. For some people 20 minutes was all they needed for the right workout. But my workouts were at least 45 minutes. They were perfect.

Now, I don't live in a gym. Working out has to fit around other priorities. And a 45 minute workout doesn't work or sound fun anymore. I've had to adjust my workouts. I've had to stop letting the perfect workout be the enemy of a good workout. I used to be paralyzed planning my workouts because I knew what should be in a perfect workout. Now, I just plan for good workouts.

What's in a good workout?

  • Get up and down off the ground a few times.
  • Pick up heavy things off the ground somehow.
  • Did I get my heartrate up?
  • Did I work on getting stronger?
  • Did I work on getting better at something I want to do?
  • Did I get more stable in the joints that need stability?
Sometimes, I don't hit all of those. But those can be hit in 14 minutes.

What movements should be done in a weekly plan?

  • Squat
  • Hip Hinge
  • Upper Body Push
  • Upper Body Pull
  • Twist (Core)
  • Carry
I don't do all those movements in every workout. I would have when I was a trainer. Now I give myself the ability to break them up in a given week.

And when I look at the kickboxing gym, I see a place that checks a lot of the boxes. And it can easily check all the boxes. 


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