2 Suggestions for the New Year

I have my own resolutions for the new year. Our family builds ours around 4 themes: want to learn, eat, read, and do. That's not for this post. I want to recommend two goals for your new year.

  1. Learn to take better photos. All of us take photos all the time. And we post them on social media channels every day. But most people do not take good ones. You have a good enough camera in your pocket; learn to use it better. It will help you personally and professionally. Here is an article to get you started. Here is another one. *One tip for social media: make sure that you or other people are in your photos. People gravitate toward photos with people in them. so include yourself or someone else in your photos. **Make it a challenge and post every day for the month of January. It will force you to work at it. Pick a theme like a picture of your coffee every day or a picture of something you are working on every day.
  2. Get better at doing video. My brother and I just built a table for our dining room. And we made a video series to document the process. We've had so many people watch and comment on it.  My favorite comment was on a repost. Someone told my Uncle, "Joe is really good on camera." That was my favorite comment because I've been working on my camera skills for at least 6 years. Camera doesn't come easy for anyone. So I suggest that you begin working on it now. If you start in 2020, then you will be ahead of those who don't start. Pick a series and document something that you are doing. It could be putting up Christmas decorations, planting your garden, making a quilt, renovating a building, or creating a new project for your work. Getting better on video will help you personally and professionally. There is a place for video in your industry. If you don't get better at video, then someone else will and they will get the attention.


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