City On a Hill Reading Project

This next year promises to be one of the nastiest of my lifetime in culture, politics, and Christianity. I don't know how those will not be tangled up and turn so incredibly difficult. But I also know that Christians and the Church are called a city on a hill with the charge to shine brightly in the darkness.

So a pastor friend and I are reading a series of books throughout the year to help us think through what it means to be faithful in this moment. Our primary reading will be selections from Augustine's City of God. We'll sprinkle in several other books throughout the year to shed light and make us think about being Christians at this time.

Here is our plan

  • Augustine's City of God Michael Haykin's reading guide
  • James K.A. Smith's How (Not) to Be Secular 160 pages
  • James K. A. Smith's Awaiting the King 256 pages
  • Jonathan Pennington's Sermon On the Mount 352 pages
  • N.T. Wright's After You Believe 320 pages
  • At 10 pages per day 5 days per week 9 months

Our plan is to meet once per month for a long lunch to talk about what we're learning and thinking through with this. I think we'll meet the first time at a diner I found that is decorated in Elvis art.

Maybe you are wondering what it means to live as a Christian in this cultural moment. Maybe this reading list can get you started.


  1. How's this going, 3 months in? Some heavy, good books on the list!


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