Apple Reviews: Cosmic Crisp and Opal

Cosmic Crisp

I've waited to try this apple for two years. The Washington State Apple Growers have done a great job marketing it, and that is why I've heard about it for two years. I know other people that have been looking forward to it as well. It finally came to a store in our area.

I would describe it as the most appley apple ever. If you described the platonic ideal of an apple, you might say "red, round, crisp, juicy, sweet, tart, etc." Cosmic Crisp has all of those in a high degree. It is super juicy, very crisp like Honeycrisp, both sweet and slightly tart. My wife thought she noticed a lemonade flavor.

I love it. It's not the greatest apple ever or my favorite (Sweet Sixteen and Mutsu take that prize) but it is still outstanding and well worth buying. It makes a great dessert just to eat it fresh. I love the red color. The ideal apple in my head is red, but few red apples taste very good. This one is great.


I picked these up today to try them. My wife said we've had them before.

It is super yellow like a lemon or banana with brown russeting on the top (kind of like rough brown butcher paper). I love russeting.

It is slightly crunchy and a little juicy. It has a slight tropical flavor. It seems like the best version of Golden Delicious. It's not amazing. But not a bad apple. Good for fresh-eating, which is how we eat most of our apples.


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