6 Months of Learning Italian: 5 reasons for dad's to learn with the family

We started learning Italian as a family 6 months ago. We've made way more progress than I ever thought possible. And it has been relatively painless. The program we use is Talkbox.mom.

Here are 5 Reasons for dad's to learn a language with the family and Talkbox.mom.

  1. It is a fun, shared experience. Doing this together has been like a secret language that we are learning together. And the memories that go with the learning will always be ours. There is something fun about the extended experience of language learning that we are really enjoying.
  2. It makes becoming bilingual a possibility. I am really excited about the idea of becoming bilingual. I've studied several languages between high school, college, and seminary. I am reading proficient in Greek and Hebrew. But I've never thought of being bilingual as even a possibility. This makes becoming bilingual feel like a possibility. We use italian all the time and are able to make up new sentences or uses for the language every day.
  3. A second language helps professionally. Someone good at their job who can function in two or more languages is very valuable and has job possibilities in more than one country. More than likely, your prospects grow with an added language.
  4. This is the most useful method that I've seen. With Talkbox.mom, you start with situations you use all the time, meals, rooms, commands, etc. and you build from there. That is the same way that language immersion programs work. That is how missionaries learn when they move to a new country. And you have built-in teammates because if Dad is learning with the kids and Mom, then there is always someone to learn with.
  5. You grow as a person. I once asked a 90-something year old education professor what he would do if he could start over. He said learn a language because it opens your mind and helps you see things from other perspectives. 


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