Annoucing Our New Podcast: Raise 'em Rad

My wife and I launched a new podcast yesterday: Raise 'em Rad with Joe and Emma Radosevich. Season 1 is a garden diary as we track and tell stories about growing things this year.

Here is the podcast page:

We're launching with 3 episodes, and we plan to post every week through October.

Three reasons that I wanted to launch this podcast.

  1. We enjoy gardening and telling stories about our garden. I hope that a behind-the-scenes look at one family' garden inspires other people to try it.
  2. I wanted to experiment with podcasting and what better way to learn about podcasting and audio forms than to do it.
  3. I wanted to show others how to record a podcast easily and get it noticed. I think more people should do a podcast around a topic that they know and love. The two issues are a topic and a method. I think most people should a podcast or video series around what they know and love--Gary Vaynerchuk says, "document, don't create." That's what we're after. We are documenting our gardening, not creating something. The other issue is how to record a podcast. We use the Anchor app because it solves most issues that make recording a podcast difficult. I may write more on that later.
I hope you will follow along. If you do, please chime in with questions. It makes it more fun for us to answer questions that people have for us.


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