Creating a Zoom Background that Reflects the Real You: What would be on my shelf?

I did a lot of Zoom calls before 2020, but 2020 increased that for all of us. Most in-person meetings were canceled. I even got some counseling by video several times. My background tended to be in front of a bookshelf in our house or in the studio at my old job.

I saw an article that caused me to think of revamping my Zoom background. When we finally land somewhere permanently, I've been thinking of what kind of Zoom background to use rather than just anything I've got available. The author of the article talks about using the background to communicate something about yourself.

Here's where I've landed:

  • Three themes: Gardening, Apples, and Coffee.
  • Posters on one side, a display shelf on the other.
  • Vintage Gardening posters. I've had my eye on them for our house decor for a while.
  • A picture of the first apple we ever grew.
  • Something to do with coffee. 
  • I've wanted to do something with Harry Potter for a while, so I may ask the kids to make me the Knight Bus out of Legos to put on the display shelf.
If you revamp your Zoom background, what do you put in it?


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