Seed Companies for Vegetable Gardening

 We ordered most of the seeds that we need for this growing year. We don't yet know where we will live come summer, so we ordered in faith that we will grow something no matter where we go. 

I heard that there were some issues with ordering seeds and that ordering early was especially important this year. Then my preferred seed companies weren't taking orders, so I went to my next favorite just to make sure. We usually order around the first of the year. This year we were behind by 3 weeks.

As I thought about seed companies, I thought I'd list and describe our experience with a few. If someone is interested and wondering where to order from.

  • Gurney's--This has been our favorite company to order from. We've ordered from them for years. The seeds are reliable and produce as described. That is what we like so much. We especially like the squash, beans, corn, and cucumbers that we order from them. Most of their seeds seem to be hybrids. That doesn't both me. I like hybrids. Their website was down for a couple of days when I wanted to order. You can usually get everything in their catalog on sale (They usually run specials that give you half-off).
  • Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds--I've ordered open-pollinated tomatoes from them. Their catalog is great. Shipping is fast. Their seed packets are beautiful, and they are great if you want open-pollinated and heirloom seeds.
  • Park Seed--This is the company that we ordered with this year. We've ordered from them before. They have really fast shipping, their varieties are both open-pollinated and hybrid, and they germinate really fast.
  • Burpee--I pick up seeds for salad plants and succession planting from any store that I run into. I find these at big box stores and always need more mesclun, spinach, broccoli, cukes, etc. They produce reliably, and I have no complaints. I wouldn't go out of my way to order from them though. Their varieties aren't that special.


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