2021 Reading

This is my reading so far this year. These are the entries in my reading list. I published 20 years of my reading list here.

830. The Silkworm, Robert Galbraith. 1/25/21 * * * (This is J.K. Rowling’s mystery series under a penname. I listened to this when I had 4 hours of driving and no podcasts to listen to. It was brutal and violent. The tradeoff was my temptation to brood for four hours or listen to a violent and grotesque book. I thought that brooding and depression were a worse option. I told myself that if I had nightmares, I would stop. The mystery was great. I love the characters, and I couldn’t figure out what happened or who did it. Audiobook.)

831. Who Moved My Pulpit?, Thom Rainer. 1/29/21 * * * * (This is a book about change theory in leadership. It is like a Cliff’s Notes for John Kotter’s book Leading Change, but this is focused on leading change in the church. I found some application in this to helping anyone change. I plan on picking up Kotter’s book next because leading in the church involves leading change.)

832. Hero of the Empire, Candice Millard. 2/8/21 * * * * (I really like Millard’s writing. I didn’t care a lot for a book on Churchill, but she drew me in and made me love it. I like it better than Destiny of the Republic. Audiobook.)

833. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, J.K. Rowling. 2/11/21 * * * * *  (I love these stories so much. This one really moves the story forward. There are a lot of details towards the end that only get explained in the final book. I noticed a lot of literary symmetry in this book as well.)


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