Learning About Gardening

 Even after gardening for years, I am pretty intimidated by all the things I don't know. Some of that is flower and landscape gardening. Where do you start? There are so many types of plants, uses for them, and things that can go wrong.

I'm starting with what I do know. Tyler Cowen says that a good way to learn something is to just start with one tiny part and go from there. He says you don't start learning about a country with an overview, you start by looking at the history of sculptures in that country. 

I've found that is true for gardening. Every year, our vegetable garden gets bigger, I learn something new, and I find some problems. 

That is how I've approached landscape gardening. I started by listening closely as an experienced gardener and landscape designer worked on the garden beds at my previous job. I memorized the names of the plants and paid attention to how and why he planted them. I started learning about the most interesting parts of it (ornamental grass) and planted them at our home. Now, I'm reading The Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grass by John Greenlee and beginning to imagine how to use them in other places and other ways. 


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