New Podcast

 I have a new podcast called "TL;DR: Preaching Edition."

This is a podcast with a pastor friend, Jeremy Byrd, where we explain our sermons that week in 5 minutes or less and have a discussion behind-the-scenes about preaching. 

Jeremy is pastor of Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church in Jacksonville, IL. He's a really good preacher and studies and teaches preaching.

It is a fun conversation for me. I learn a lot from our discussions. It was inspired because I struggle to listen to a recorded sermon. It can be hard to find 30-50 minutes to listen to a sermon during the week, but I love to hear a relaxed description of Jeremy's sermons and what his thinking on it was. We include details that we can't include in a normal sermon, so there is value to people listening to it even if they attended. 

It is the conversation that I wish more pastors would have. I would love to learn both the text and what pastors are thinking as they prepare to preach. 

We are halfway through Season 1. We are recording through the end of November.


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