Book Notes: Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins



Gregor falls through a vent in his apartment building and is transported to a new world where he goes on a journey, fights battles, and learns about himself. It is kind of Alice in Wonderland meets The Odyssey.

Why I read it

I wanted a fun book to read on vacation that wasn't a slog. I enjoyed Collins' Hunger Games trilogy (as much as one can enjoy such a brutal series). I've been meaning to read this for years and finally picked up. I'm so glad that I did.


"Fly you high!" (spoken throughout)


 "Hope," said Vikus. "There are times it will be very hard to find. Times when it will be much easier to choose hate instead. But if you want to find peace, you must first be able to hope it is possible." 301


Key Takeaways

  • This is super fun epic fantasy story for kids and young adults. I really enjoy Collins’ writing because everything works so well. I said years ago that Hunger Games is the most perfectly written series--also by Collins--and this is the same.
  • I really enjoy young adult fantasy stories when they have depth, meaning, and heroic calls. The statement "Fly you high!" is one of those heroic calls.

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