How many goals should you hit?

 I heard an interview recently where the hosts and guest talked about goals (The podcast was My First Million. I don't know anything about them. I was curious about the thoughts of interviewee Steph Smith). 

One of their throw away lines was that you shouldn't hit all your goals every year; if you do, then they were too low.

I'm going to hit about half my goals for 2022. Health issues came up twice to interrupt my physical goals, but I made really good progress on them. I met my reading goal and half of my cooking and writing goals.

8 Pull-ups/3 Kneeling Roll-outs
Define 250 terms for book
Publish 4 Articles
Republish Book
Read 36 Books (Finish Jane Austen's 6 books)
Learn to cook Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani, and Tikki Masala
Try Sushi

I'm not going to feel bad about not hitting all my goals. I'll probably make them higher than otherwise too.


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