Topping Brussels Sprouts

I'm growing spring brussels sprouts as an experiment because they are usually grown from summer into the fall. I'm growing the variety Hestia from Gurney Seeds. Here are a few notes on growing spring brussels sprouts.

The plants are huge! I can't wait to take them out because they are crowding everything around. 

One advantage is that they grew large before ever showing signs of insect damage. They haven't been sprayed yet this year and are just now starting to get some insect damage.

Last week (maybe 2 weeks ago) I topped the plants by plucking off the growing top to let them put all their energy into the sprouts. You are supposed to wait until the ones on the bottom of the plant are full-sized. All the energy is supposed go to the upper ones. I topped it just a little bit early, but they have grown the sprouts all along the stem. I can't wait to try them.


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