Pastor, 3 Questions for Your Social Media Posts

It happens regularly. I meet pastor. As soon as he friends or follows me on social media, I hide his posts. I don't think I'm a snob, but I don't care for bragging, rants, or pretending. I thought I would post some questions I think we should answer before pastors post on social media.

  • Is it hype or reality?

Is the post boasting or presenting life better than it really is? You can post a picture of your kids playing in a leaf pile, but is it real or staged? Does this show the real life that you live or the one you want people to think you live?

  • Does it make me stand out or more accessible?

Does this bring the people in your church closer to your life or make you stand out as more special? This one is hard because the big name pastors that you follow likely show their travels, conferences, dinners, etc. For the regular pastor, that is not the life of the people in your church and showing off separates you from people. 

  • Is it helpful right now?

What you write might be true, but is it helpful at this moment? Social media (or any speech) should not be for getting things off your chest. It shouldn't be a firehose where you share everything you think. Is this what your people need to hear at the moment?

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