Praying through the World in 2024

 Lord-willing, I'll be praying through the world map in 2024. In past years, I've read through the Bible. This year, my goal is praying.

I plan on praying through the world map using the plan in Operation World and Pray for the World. I'll lean on Pray for the World more because it is the abridged edition. You can also use their app or website to find their list of places to pray for. 

Larger countries and regions get a few days dedicated to praying for them. Smaller countries just get one day. The books have both reasons to thank God and things to ask God for. I won't be reading everything. I'll be looking for something that catches my eye and use that as the inspiration for my prayers.

I love the books and thought it would go well with my regular devotions. I didn't want to change my current Bible reading plans, but this gives me a little change without being overwhelming.


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