Results of 2023 Goals

 Here are my results from my 2023 goals. I actually like not completing everything. I like stretching and missing a few. If I missed a lot, that would be a problem.

Here are my goals for 2023: 

  • Health
    • Workout 200 Times (This is 16x a month) COMPLETED 280
    • Do 5 pull-ups FINISHED
    • 3 Power Wheel roll-outs (I've been working on roll-outs for 2 years. They are hard.) I'm not there yet, but I've made good progress.
  • Learn
    • Learn to make Chicken Biryani (Last year was Tikka Masala.) FINISHED
    • Read 36 books (6 audiobooks) Finished 6
  • Personal
    • Finish edits on my Family Dictionary of Theology (This is the 3rd round of edits.) FINISHED
    • Draft 2 other book ideas DID NOT COMPLETE
    • Write 26 times on blog FINISHED
    • Have 20 fires in firepit with my family (This is so that I slow down and enjoy time at home without a to-do list.) COMPLETED 5 OF 20 (but we had a lot of quality time with things like visiting parks and playing board games)
    • Visit 5 historic sites with my family in our area Visited 5


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