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I recently bought a new kettlebell. It was my first new kettlebell in 10 years. I read lots of reviews, but few of them included details about how the kettlebell worked with certain styles of training. I am very happy with the REP Fitness Kettlebell and thought it would be good to review it along with details about how I use it.

My style of training is similar to what you see in RKC or Strongfirst. I do kettlebell swings to shoulder height. I like kettlebell snatches and cleans, but I don't do long cycle. I didn't want a competition bell. I wanted a kettlebell with a slightly matte finish. 

I already own kettlebells from Lifeline, Muscle Driver, and Fringesport. My Lifeline kettlebell is my favorite. It has an amazing matte finish that doesn't rip my hands. The Fringesport One Fit Wonder kettlebells have narrow handles and are rough and slick at the same time (they no longer sell that line). 

When I first got into kettlebell training, the reviews I read said that Dragon Door had the best bells and Lifeline USA had the second best (Lifeline USA rebranded as Lifeline a few years ago). I got a 35 lbs Lifeline kettlebell and have loved it ever since. Because of budget, I bought cheaper ones here an there, but the Lifeline one still feels the best.

Lots of brands look like they have the same bell. Rogue, REP Fitness, Fringesport all look identical. I think I found a Reddit comment that made me feel the best of REP Fitness because someone said that the others had a rougher finish. That wouldn't work for me. REP Fitness Kettlebell was a little bit cheaper, but I didn't want a cheap bell with a bad finish. Kettlebells for me have been an investment I use them for hours each year and the Lifeline bell looks new after 10 years of use. 

I wanted a size in-between my 35 lbs and 52 lbs kettlebells. I was looking for a 44 lbs/20 kg kettlebell. This one feels like the older brother to my 35 lbs Lifeline USA (old name of company) kettlebell. The handle is wider than on my 52 lbs kettlebell. The smooth is nice and smooth without being slick like some bells. It is smooth enough to work really well for cleans and snatches, but grippy enough for swings. 

There is no seam under the handle. The bottom is flat. The proportions work really well for the 44 lbs size. They grey paint stripes help you tell the difference if you have a lot of kettlebells.

In short, I love it. If I need more kettlebells in the future, I would definitely get REP Fitness.


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