My Booklist is republished as an Ebook!

I republished my booklist as a downloadable and searchable ebook. You can get it here.

You get personal reviews on almost 1000 books that I actually read for $1.65. 

Why would you want it?

  • You can find out my thoughts on a book. Since it is searchable, you can find what you are looking for fast.
  • You can search to find a book on a topic that you are interested in. 
  • You like me and think $1.65 is a good price for so many reviews.

Why $1.65?

Because once the host and the credit card company take their cut, I wanted to get $1. So $1.65 is the price. 

I republished it because I had difficulty with Amazon that published the hardcopy. I also realized that the book is more useful digitally because you can search it. All you have to do to search it is press Ctrl+F. 


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