Sometimes Just Get Stronger

I hadn't shot my compound bow in at least two months and wondered how I would do this week when I shot with a friend. I thought my bow was broken at first because it was so easy. I remembered that I had done Dan John's Easy Strength program since the last time I had shot. That must be what made the difference. This surprised me because usually in strength training and in sports the principle is specific adaptation. You train the motion and muscles used to get stronger and better at that sport. I hadn't done any rows in the last two months which is the closest motion you can get to the drawing motion of archery. Something about building pure strength made a major difference.

This is what I'm thinking about: Sometimes focus on building specific strength. Sometimes just get stronger. There are several parallels that applies to in other areas of life. I can think of how growing as a person, pastor, gardener, writer sometimes involves focusing on specifics and sometimes just growing all-around. In my pastoring, I try to learn and grow in areas that are not specific to what I'm working on so that I am well-rounded and have reserves to draw from--I read in Biblical studies, leadership, theology, and history even apart from my current preaching or practical needs. As a gardener, I learned a lot of science over the last two years that has helped me practically.

Sometimes, just get stronger.


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