The World Needs Your Reviews

We are drowning in more information but less knowledge about the things we use, try, and buy. Whether it is Artificial intelligence-written websites, marketing, content farms, or bad writing, we have lots of words about things. That doesn't mean we know what we want or need to know. 

We can help each other out to fix this.

 Whatever it is that you know best, share that with others. Many people share their products, plans, courses, etc. What the rest of us need is for real people to share an actual look inside. So whatever you actually know and use, share your story and the results that come from it. I tell the stories of seed varieties, kettlebells, coffee brewing methods. I write about the books that I'm reading. Those reviews are so that people can know about these things.  

I'm finishing another Dan John workout plan this week. I think about people like myself who would like to know what my results and thoughts are as an actual user. Someone thinking about doing this plan probably wants to know what results I saw and didn't see. They probably want to know if and how I had to modify it. Before I did this plan, I read many testimonies about the plan and explanations of how to do it. No one told me that it would get really boring to do the same workout 5 days a week for 2 months. I see that now and want others to know. Some might love the rigid plan. Others might hate it. They should know and decide for themself.

I love the tomato seed varieties that Fred Hempel developed. You can buy his seed from many sources and find his descriptions of them. None of the descriptions ever use more than 4 sentences. As a grower, I want more description about growing habits, fruit size, storage, color, uses, flavor, etc. I want comparisons with other varieties. Since that doesn't exist, I want to be that for others. In this case, I hope people fall in love with these varieties because they are so good.

So share what you know. We all depend on you.


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