10 Fan Bike Workouts

When I worked in a local gym, new people came in most days to sign up at the gym. We would ask them what their goal was and what their plan was. They always had a blank look for the plan because the gym was the plan. They planned on using the equipment to reach their goal but hadn't thought about how they would use the equipment. The equipment was the plan.

Equipment isn't a plan. I've got 10 workout ideas for a fan bike.

A fan bike is a bike that has a fan in place of the front wheel and usually has arms that pump back and forth. The reason for the fan is that the harder you pedal and pump, the resistance from the fan gets harder. As you work harder or get fitter, then the bike gets harder too. Fan bikes usually come with a computer display that shows time, speed, calories burned, distance, and revolutions per minute. It makes for great workouts. Schwinn Airdyne, Air Assault, and Rogue Echo are examples of fan bikes. There are others.

Here are 10 workout ideas for someone with a fan bike and clock:

  1. 30:00 Steady. Try to pedal for 30:00 with your breathing in zone 2. Zone 2 is where are working a little bit, but you can still hold a conversation. 
  2. Burn 100 calories as fast as you can.
  3. Burn 200 calories as fast as you can.
  4. Burn 300 calories as fast as you can. 
  5. Sprint hard for 20 seconds/Recover for 40 seconds for 15 rounds.
  6. Sprint hard for 30 seconds/Recover for 30 seconds for 15 rounds.
  7. Sprint as hard as you can for 15 seconds/Recover for 1.5 minutes for 4 rounds.
  8. Sprint with your legs for 20 seconds/Put your feet on the pegs, and sprint with your arms for 20 seconds/Recover for 20 seconds for 15 rounds.
  9. Do 10 squats/5 push-ups/2:00 on the Airdyne for 5 rounds.
  10. Lay down on your back 3 times/Lay down on your front 3 times/Cycle for 3:00 for 5 rounds (getting up and down off the ground is harder than you think).
Write down you results and try to beat it the next time.


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