My Current Warm-up

When I was a trainer, I would do a sample workout with prospective clients. They were often interested in personal training, and the workout was the hook to talk about their goals and consider working together. What I normally did was take them through the warm-up I did with clients. For most people new to the gym, it felt like a hard workout. If they only did slow sessions on the treadmill or nothing at all, then this "workout" was hard. After they trained with me for a little while, then this warm-up was just a warm-up.

Here is my current warm-up:

2 Rounds of
  • 5 Goblet Squats (35 lbs kettlebell)
  • 7 Push-ups
  • 2:00 on the Airdyne at and medium pace.
All this takes about 6 minutes.

For some people, this would feel like a workout. Honestly, you could do that for 20 minutes and get a really good workout in.

I've really been enjoying this warm-up.



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