Garden Notes

What I planted today
  • Blue Lake green beans (Gurney)
  • Fernleaf dill (Park)
  • Dark Opal basil seedlings (Ferry Morse)
  • Calypso basil seedlings (Park)
  • Profusion zinnias AAS Mix (Park)
  • Apricot Profusion zinnias (Park)
  • Whirlybird nasturtiums 
  • Fordhook nasturtiums
  • Easter lily
  • Jet Star tomato seedling (gifted)
I love planting purple things in the garden. The Dark Opal Basil looks amazing next to all the greens. We also have red lettuce that gives a nice purple contrast. It makes a really pretty picture in the garden.

Two other colors I like in plants to go along with the greens are yellow-green chartreuse plants, and burnt orange plants like a certain coleus we've grown in our porch pots.


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