"What Do You Do for Your Workouts?"

 A late 30's dad asked me last week what I do for my workouts. Here is what I do 3 days each week:

5:00 warm-up

2 rounds of 5 goblet squats/11 push-ups/2:00 on an exercise bike


I pick 4 cards from my exercise playing cards. I do them as many times through as I can before the timer goes off. This satisfies my desire for variety.


I start a timer that beeps every minute. When the timer beeps, I do the assigned exercise and then rest until the timer beeps again. 

Monday-4-5 kettlebell snatches with each hand

Thursday-double kettlebell 2 cleans/1 press/3 front squats. This is called the Armor Building Complex by Dan John.

Saturday-5 double kettlebell clean and presses

Test my heart rate and blood pressure.

5:00 stretching

I use a stretching plan that I learned in middle school from The Navy SEAL Workout book. I'm not sure it if is psychological or physical but I don't feel right if I haven't stretched.

I do bike sprints on Wednesday too.

I did different programs over the last year, and I settled on this in March and have really enjoyed it. The variety with continuity has been really good. I can compare my numbers, weights, and heart rate to see progress.

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